“To you it has been given to know the secrets of heaven” – Matthew 13:11

The Remnant is Rising

In this session Lance Wallnau gave a great presentation and study of biblical history when King Cyrus let the Jews free to go build the temple and their own lives. Only a remnant had the courage to leave their comfortable lives and strike out to create their own future with the difficulties involved. Those that stayed behind and wished them well, while they enjoyed their comforts, later regretted it and were persecuted heavily when the winds of politics changes. This story is an exact parallel with what’s happening today. So many sit idle enjoying the comfort of their lives while evil encroaches all around them and they don’t see it. This is a wake up call to all believers to recognize that we each have an assignment or duty given by God and it’s time now to stand up for righteousness and be silent no more. We, the remnant, are taking to the spiritual battlefield and reclaiming America and the world from the abominable practices of the evil presence.

For the replay of our prayer service, with announcements and discussion afterwards, here’s the link.

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