“To you it has been given to know the secrets of heaven” – Matthew 13:11

Prepare for Impact

This session will literally blow your mind by adding much new information to what you already know about; the nephilim, strange creatures like bigfoot, dogman, aliens, the alien deception, hybrids, the new push to normalize cannibalism and the biblical underpinnings behind it all.  We start with actual photos to see the reality of our subject matter.  We then examine biblical scriptures which give context to it all.  In Part III we hear from someone who has been actively involved in government meetings at the highest security levels on many issues involving aliens and our secret interactions with them.   Among the many other subjects he discusses, at the end he reveals ‘the real story’ behind the Cooties-19 virus and what that’s all about.  You will go ‘Ah-Ha!’  He then leaves us with what lies ahead and what we can expect in the days ahead.

The entire presentation is about 2 hours so watch it at a time when you can focus uninterrupted.  You will be gripped to your seat as each moment brings a new revelation.

Here’s the link to the full session replay.

Here’s the link to Pastor Paul Begley’s series of presentations:  Aliens & Fallen Angels.