“To you it has been given to know the secrets of heaven” – Matthew 13:11

Hot Rails to Hell

There could not be a more important message than this one for Christians and non-believers alike.  Everyone is highly encouraged to take this message in, in its entirety and take some time to internalize the take-aways.   Hot Rails to Hell takes a look at several accounts of what Hell is actually like.  God is showing many people around the world the reality of this so they can come back and share their experience with us so that we wake up and listen to God so that we don’t end up there.  He doesn’t want us there.  It wasn’t created for us.  It was created for the fallen angels. Yet people turn their back to God, choose their own way, and fall into the pit for eternity.

Our session starts with one man’s personal experience. God had shown him what hell is like and it changed his life.  He tells all and his bottom line message is…  ‘Hell is real and you don’t want to go there!’.

We then move to the deepest hole ever drilled in the earth’s crust and what was found.  The Russians started a project in Siberia in  1970 to examine the earth’s crust and in so doing they drilled the deepest hole ever into the earth.  Deep down they found a huge cavern with extremely high temperatures and noises which they recorded.  We have an actual recording of the noises they discovered.  It will make your blood curdle.

Our study then focuses on the keys to staying OUT of hell as we review what scripture has to say about it in the book of Matthew.

You don’t know how many more minutes you have left in this life and once you end up at your final destination, there is no turning back.  It is final….for eternity.  Take the time to study the links below, repent of your sins and get on the track to heavenly miracles.  Sadly, most people are on the Hot Rails to Hell and don’t even know it!   Accept Jesus into your life with the prayer found below.  You don’t want anything to do with the alternative but the choice is yours!  

View a Replay of our powerful session from beginning to end.

23 minutes in Hell.  Bill Weise testimony.  Be sure to open this link up and view the resources he has added in the Description box under the video.

Korean artist visits hell and comes back to paint what she saw.  Viewer discretion advised.

Search Results for:  What is Hell really Like?  Do your own research.

Prayer to accept Jesus and turn your life over to him

Dear Jesus, I come to you with a humble and contrite heart. I repent of my sinful ways and I turn to you for the help I need to live according to your will that I might achieve my Devine destiny. I accept you Jesus as the Lord of my life. I pray that you fill me with your Holy Spirit that I may be guided to serve your kingdom as a good steward and faithful servant and that I will be the salt and light of the earth as you intended. In Jesus’ name I pray!