“To you it has been given to know the secrets of heaven” – Matthew 13:11

Instruction for the End Times

Once again, as usual, we had a Powerful Session!  This session provided us a clear and concise roadmap for navigating these days which are upon us by looking at what has happened in the past as being an allegory and mirror reflection of what’s currently happening today.  This is amazing!   We also took a literal glimpse into heaven through the first hand testimony of a woman who died and was taken there to heal her spirit.  She came back with first hand testimony of God’s love which everyone needs to hear.   Lastly, we learned of our God given authority to bind evil, to change the course of events directed by evil, to directly intervene into evil activity, to bind it, to strip it of its power, to release its grip on loved ones and more.  This is the authority that we all need to recognize and to practice using.   I refer now to the ‘Prayer to Bind Evil’ found posted on the ‘Urgent Messages page of this website.
Don’t miss this important session!  Empower yourself!  Click Here for the replay.