“To you it has been given to know the secrets of heaven” – Matthew 13:11

Warning! Death Ahead!

This was another ‘Powerful’ session.  We heard two very stark words from the Lord from his obedient prophets.  Jesus loves you more than you know.  He is pouring out his heart giving warning after warning of what is coming upon us so that we/you might be protected from the wrath he is bringing upon the evil ones of our world.  A major cleansing is already started but the worst is yet to come.  As in the times of Noah, the earth is corrupted beyond repair and only God can give the cleansing needed as he did with the great flood.   The warning is for people to ‘Wake Up’, repent of their sins and submit themselves to the love and mercy of the Lord, before it’s too late and that day of no return is almost upon us.  There is no time left.  We all have free will.  Which path do you choose?  That of love, mercy, peace and protection?  Or hell on earth before an eternity of unimaginable suffering?  The choice is yours.  Don’t miss this powerful prayer session which ends with the prayer of Divine Mercy which we should be praying regularly.

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