“To you it has been given to know the secrets of heaven” – Matthew 13:11

The Grand Deception

We’ve all been taught that the government of the United States of America and especially its capitol, Washington D.C. was built to support freedom and to serve God.  But you’ve never been told ‘which God or ‘whose’ god!  This session rips the veneer off of the lie of the ages and shows without any doubt that our government serves Satanic forces and is the enemy of the people.  This session is the ultimate ‘red pill’. It is especially important for Christians so that they are not duped into paying homage to Satan when they think they’re honoring Yahweh.
Here is a replay of our prayer session with the main presentation and discussion.
Here is a direct link to the main presentation.
Here is a direct link to another video, currently on the NATF video web page called ‘The Roots of Evil Run Deep’ which is a presentation on the Freemasons like you’ve never seen before.  The presentation is given by an ex-freemason and illustrates, using Google Earth, how every center of power is precisely aligned in geometry, geography and even numerology.  Look for the Featured Video for May.  This video will open your eyes like never before and will illustrate the extent of their power and influence.
These are ‘Must See’ videos for Christians who want to know the truth and avoid ‘The Grand Deception’!!