“To you it has been given to know the secrets of heaven” – Matthew 13:11

Ezekiel 16

This session was very revealing.  The primary focus is in doing a study of Ezekiel chapter 16 and how this is a direct allegory for America.  In this study we can see clearly what God’s plan is for America.  It points to some rough times that we need to be prepared for and for those who are able to deal with it spiritually, HE has great plans for us long term after he roots out the evil with our help.  The key is that we need to recognize the authority that HE has given us and use it!  We need to be engaged. 
The second part of the study was in hearing the Word of the Lord through HIS prophet Brandon from ‘Last Call’ channel on YouTube, who shared what the Lord shared with him regarding the great wealth transfer and how this is a part of a global revival that is about to take place as the evil in this world is being dealt with.  Those who are involved in Crypto will want to hear this along with everyone else.

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