“To you it has been given to know the secrets of heaven” – Matthew 13:11

Our Projects

International Outreach

World Mission Church is very active in global outreach. Our goal is to be active in every corner of this earth in one way or another.

Below are links to additional resources to give you a glimpse of our activities in Panama and Venezuela. We encourage you to take the time to get familiar with the ways in which we can bring the good news of the Holy gospel of Jesus to the world. Without fail, every time, the result is that we generate plenty of smiles!

Activities in Panama via our Panama Christian Foundation (PCF)

PCF Web Page PCF Videos

Activities supporting people in desperate conditions in Venezuela

Three documentaries you MUST SEE on what’s really happening and what we’re doing there.
Click Here for inside info you won’t see anywhere else.

The Champions Academy

The objective of THE CHAMPIONS ACADEMY is to bring in talented soccer players from underprivileged areas and groom them to be champions in sport and in life. The academy will house them, provide certified academic high school level education, professional ethics & job training all interlaced with training on Christian values and living. This is all over and above professional level training to develop championship soccer teams. We are assembling the team for this and will then be seeking funding. It is in embryonic stages right now.

For more, click Here

The Hacienda Project

The vision of The Hacienda Project serves several purposes and functions;
  1. We create a multi-purpose recreational, conference and event center to bring in youth, families and guests for special events.
  2. The center also serves as our international training center for a multitude of subjects all related to sustainable living in the ecclesia, sharing the good news of the Holy gospel and special training for specific objectives. These subjects include, but are not limited to;
    • Spiritual retreats
    • Home based farming and food production
    • Legal issues and logistics for living free in a controlled world.
    • Training on church planting ministry management & administration.
  3. The project involves our model farm and agricultural center to produce quality agricultural products and to be used for teaching and training purposes.
This project is our vision and currently we are currently active forming the team to put together the preliminary fact finding to base a solid business plan and financial structure. For More on this project Click Here.

Church Planting

We are a bit reluctant to use this term because our use and meaning of it goes so far beyond the generally accepted use and meaning it could be a bit limiting in that sense. You’ll see why as you continue.

Our concept of ‘Church Planting’ incorporates several various forms of expanding our reach and serving people globally:

1. Creating new local ministries and ecclesia. We are happy to work with spiritual leaders, committed civic and business leaders and anyone who shares our faith and can catch our vision and passion. You would set up and administer your own local ecclesia under the banner of World Mission Church. This would involve creating your own unique God centered covenant and ecclesiastic society in the form of a trust which would be a tool to then be used for many purposes related to administering the ecclesia. The primary motive for this might be that spiritually guided leaders be pro-active in building their local community in the structure of an ecclesia.

2. Another motive for the above might be for successful individuals to create their own ministry and God centered trust to remove their assets from the corporate commercial system and protect them in the privacy and security of the ecclesiastic society.

3. A third form of Church Planting is in the fact that we work with and through existing church organizations and allow them to fold their mission and activity in with ours that WMC may supplement their ministry with various forms of support and service to the congregation. We then work in tandem in spreading the good news and supporting the sheep of God’s flock.