“To you it has been given to know the secrets of heaven” – Matthew 13:11

Who we are?

World Mission Church and Ecclesiastical Society is formed formally as a written covenant with our father God in heaven who is the grantor and beneficiary of our covenant. We function under universal law and ‘the law of the flag’ without franchise, benefit or privilege from any worldly powers or authorities.

We are a non-denominational group of disciples of Jesus the Christ living by and teaching the lessons of his life and death. We are completely independent and free from any approvals or covering from any other organized ‘church’ or worldly organization although we collaborate and interact with many.

Our providence, guidance, blessings and protection come directly from none other than our father in heaven through his only begotten son, Jesus the Christ.

Our station is global and inter-dimensional without territorial jurisdiction. We work with spiritual beings aka ‘people’ to develop functional communities on a local level so that we are prepared to go ‘home’ when the time comes.

Our staff and global network operate as functionaries and stewards of our father’s blessings which we cultivate in order to grow and bless others with the miracles he provides for us without equivocation.

All of those involved in WMC are committed to the service of others for the purpose of spreading the love, charity, forgiveness and mercy of Jesus.

Our Church

The word ‘church’ is often misused and misunderstood. Our ‘church’ is not a building. It’s not a legal entity, tax exempt or otherwise.

God dwells within us through HIS Holy Spirit. Therefore, each of us individually is a holy temple within which God resides. ‘You’ are ‘the church’. Our members in the collective sense are also ‘the church’ as the body of believers being the bride waiting for the bridegroom Jesus to arrive and sweep us off our feet on the soon to come wedding day of HIS manifest arrival.

As a collection of holy temples, through our members we have churches which are growing in all parts of the world.

Our members function in accordance with our written covenant which binds us together here in this life and also with the covenant God himself has made with us to secure his blessings and eternal salvation.

WMC is formed as a written covenant by, of and for our God the father through our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ. He is the creator, the trustee and the beneficiary to the covenant (aka trust) whereas certain members among us act on HIS behalf as functionaries and in compliance with the written terms of the covenant.

We have set up separate legal structures in various parts of the world to interface with the worldly entities. We thus have a presence in North America, Central America and the Caribbean islands with affiliated organizations in Europe. This is our core as we begin the task of global expansion.

See how we are non-registered AND tax-exempt in the U.S. in this letter from U.S. Senator Sam Baucus. ‘Click Here’.