You Need to Know…

Romans 13 –
The full and
correct interpretation

This chapter is often misused and misunderstood.
Don’t be deceived.

Living a Life of Miracles

Understand how ‘a workman is worthy of his hire’ and how many of us are not!

What Community means
to us.
‘The Ecclesia’

The church has let us down
on this issue.
Let’s explore the possibilities.

‘Liberty’ – There is more to this than we’ve been taught

We are either slaves to men or servants to God.
Where will you find liberty?

Community Support Network

Join our Community Support Network (CSN). You can see that we are all about supporting all of God’s children and helping all achieve their God-given destiny of glory in freedom and liberty according to the divine plan.

Our Community Support Network is a specially designed program to help our members provide financial support to you as you help support others in need. It is a completely decentralized peer to peer support system where members receive help directly to their own accounts with no middle man.

We don’t want your donations or tithes. Where have you heard that before? We want to empower you with enhanced finances first. If we can help you put some extra money in your pocket, would you mind sharing some with us after the fact? That’s the deal.

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