“To you it has been given to know the secrets of heaven” – Matthew 13:11


Not just anyone is asked to join. The invitation is limited to those who are willing to make a personal commitment to the following:

  1. Read, agree and accept our creed which is a statement of faith.  If you are not in agreement, then you don’t belong.
  2. You must be of legal age or have parents who are already members.
  3. Study all the material and information on this website before doing anything. This will take some time reading the pages, following the links, viewing the videos, etc. You need to be very clear on our principles and be in harmony with us on fundamental issues.
  4. Be prepared to contribute to your local ecclesia. By joining you agree to be pro-active in being a true disciple of Jesus the Christ in your area.
  5. There is no fee or financial commitment to join or participate. But you will be asked to contribute in any one of a number of ways. This is explained in more detail on other pages here on the site. See #3 above.
  6. Be prepared to start the process of ‘Coming out of Babylon’ and living freely in faith with the divine providence of Jesus. This will take faith, courage and an open mind to start living in truth and with substance as opposed to the way you’ve been brought up to live. This is an entirely new (in the modern age) and different way of living. It may be scary only because it’s new to you. It will be ultimately empowering because there is no power anywhere which is greater than what you’ll be tapping into.
  7. This is not a ‘Lark’ or ‘Joyride’. It is a commitment. Once you join you’ll start receiving emails with further information. You’ll also be contacted by one of our ecclesia coordinators so that you can begin your new adventure of empowerment right away!
  8. When you’re ready to allow Jesus to change your life with abundant blessings, Join Us. You can start with this online questionnaire. Just ‘Click Here‘ and start the journey.