“To you it has been given to know the secrets of heaven” – Matthew 13:11

As an Ecclesiastical Society

As an ecclesiastical society comprised of disciples of Jesus, we work with men and women and christian organizations around the world to unite under the two great commandments.  We are building a global network of local ecclesia which tend to the needs of its own members and beyond.  This process involves creating a spiritual, social, financial, community and judicial infrastructure to provide for the life needs of our members as they go through life in this temporal world.

The objective is to eliminate the need for our brothers and sisters to become entangled in the Babylonian systems which control and dominate us and which cause so much strife and suffering in this world.  We’re talking about living without; usury, compelled performance requirements or exchanging our God given rights for  commercial privileges which must be paid for.  We;re talking about eating whole nutritious food, curing disease without harmful drugs and invasive procedures, teaching our children without the negative influences of ‘public education’, having babies who are not pledged to the central bankers and who don’t need to have dozens of toxic vaccines forced on them.  We’re talking about living free under the divine providence and protection of our God the Father, the maker of all Heaven and Earth, Yahweh.

We teach about the need to turn back to Jesus alone, according to the true and complete gospel and turn away from the ‘mammon master’.  We are in fact creating our own internal life support system and self governing, global ecclesiastical society which is apart from all other forms of control and idol worship (which the organized churches of today fail to recognize in the proper context of biblical scripture vs. modern law).

We are working hard to be in harmony and to collaborate with other church, community and social groups so that we can come together and, with God’s blessing, being in obedience to HIM we can be blessed to have his provision and protection to live the lives of love and empowerment that He intended for us.

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