“To you it has been given to know the secrets of heaven” – Matthew 13:11

What It Means

These days it’s so easy to sign up for things on the internet.How many times has something caught your interest and you signed up. Then as soon as you go on to the next thing, it’s forgotten about forever!I’ve actually paid good money for subscriptions and never went back to take step 1.Accepting offers is easy, but they don’t do you any good unless you put them to work. The same concept holds true with the ecclesia of the WMC. There are many benefits you’ll be able to receive. But the only way for the ecclesia to work for each and every one of us is for us to contribute to each other in one way, shape or form. The ecclesia is all about our community taking care of each other. If we truly want to be disciples of Jesus we need to discover and practice the joy of giving! We all have diverse needs, interests, talents and resources. If you join us, you’ll be expected to make that commitment to serve your brothers and sisters in the ecclesia, probably in various ways. We use the home church model that Jesus taught, to do bible studies and plan our outreach programs, etc. This keeps us more private and more personal with each other. We can interchange and meet various home church groups in the local area to get to know more and more people and expand our network of new friends. We can stay as a cohesive group with universal communications going out to everyone via internet or other technology so we’re always on the same page locally and globally. The sick and elderly in your area may need some love and attention. Some may need consoling or emotional support. Working parents may need some babysitting. Business owners may need some consulting assistance. The needy may need some locally grown food or a place to stay while they get back on their feet. The homeless in the street might need some ministering and support. The unemployed might need some work. Some abused animals might need some love and attention. The list goes on. As we build our local ministries our members are active and involved with each other and with the outside world. Your commitment to the ecclesia guarantees that the ecclesia will be there for you. This is a pro-active social support system in a global network of local communities. By becoming part of our family, it assures an active social life. You’ll be meeting and doing things with other people which will make this world a better place and you’ll have happiness and true fulfillment knowing that you are sharing the love of Jesus the Christ with others in ways that will make someone’s life better! “They will know us by our fruit. We are the salt and the light of the earth! “ But it all starts with your ‘Commitment’ to live free and serve others!

Church Member Benefits

  • We teach the pure, unadulterated gospel of Jesus the Christ and we work to advance members in obtaining the powers, miracles and blessings of the Holy Spirit which we seek to share with those from around the world.
  • WMC works with members to shed the shackles of the Babylonian system and to ‘Come out of her’ once and for all to live in freedom and purity the way God intended. This includes the lawful and secure means to eliminate fraudulent debt, income and property taxes, various forms of registrations, insurance and even corporate employment.
  • WMC provides reasonable and correct alternatives for all of these things. Imagine a life without all of these burdens!
  • WMC is creating its own internal economy to provide economic opportunity for its members who seek to be self reliant and control their own finances, time and assets so they have more to give to their families and communities.
  • WMC works with members to loose the chains of debt and become debt free and beholden to no one. We have the legal means to do just that in eliminating credit card and mortgage debt.
  • WMC is working to provide original, valid, international ID documents to replace those issued by state and national governments
  • WMC also provides proper legal notices and documentation for use as NOTICE to official functionaries of the various legal and political systems relating to legal status, immunities, treaties and other obligations of their realm, and the authority of our realm. The result is to establish that we are a distinct and separate people free from the corporate stranglehold which most people suffer.
  • WMC provides certificates of indemnification (a form of self insurance) for travel use with automobiles & road vehicles.
  • WMC provides risk mitigation for medical emergencies to replace medical insurance for autonomous non-corporate employees.
  • WMC provides options for financial planning for retirement and other purposes.
  • WMC provides members the option to start their own independent ministry under the auspices of the mother church. This would involve forming a private contractual business organization in the form of a trust with exempt tax # for banking purposes only and would enable the new minister(s) to manage their affairs in a way pleasing to God our father.