“The ecclesia of the living God IS the pillar and ground of the truth! That makes it important. If we can define “ecclesia,” we will have identified “the pillar and ground of the truth.” Few endeavors are as important and rewarding as this. Word definition is a crucial factor. Some people purposely ignore it. Because of this, many people miss the true meaning of the “ecclesia.” And, because they have missed this meaning, they now find themselves unwittingly in support of an institution that the Bible warns us against.” 

  Ben Williams from:  What is the Ecclesia? In The American Christian publication. 

The above text is making reference to how God would have us live and interact with each other.  God gave us two great commands: 

  1. Love God the Father with all your heart, mind and soul,  and
  2. Love your brother as you love yourself. 

If we were in obedience to those two great commandments, the world would be a different place, wouldn’t it?  But of course it’s not because the Prince of Darkness has been let loose over the earth which is largely in his grip.  The world and its people; you, I, our families friends and neighbors have been deceived and distracted in so many ways as to be effectively neutered as true Christians and removed from the power of the Holy Spirit having fallen prey to the snares of false doctrine and ungodly practices through our own blindness and in following unquestioningly our blind guides.   We offer plenty of information on that topic in other articles on this website.  So let’s move on. 

The vision of the ecclesiastical society of The World Mission Church is to call out true believers and those who are ready to accept the truth from Jesus the Christ and accept HIM as their savior, and build the Ecclesia worldwide through local ministries. 

The Ecclesia operates fundamentally on the two great commandments mentioned above.   In so doing, our members will be separate and apart from the ungodly Babylonian system of control and abuse.  

The ecclesia is focused entirely on taking care of the needs of its own; providing support in all aspects of life, some of which include; 

  • Spiritual guidance & growth to develop a closer relationship to Jesus and to live in HIS abundance of love, grace and mercy
  • Community food co-ops
  • Medicine and wellness for the needy
  • Camaraderie & fellowship to feed the soul and create the solid fabric of our society
  • Specialized training on how to separate yourself from the bondage of Babylonian systems.
  • Financial indemnification programs to replace insurance.
  • Financial mechanisms to provide assistance when needed
  • Debt elimination & avoidance of debt based monetary systems
  • Living life without permits, fines or regulations
  • Living free of statutory compelled performance requirements
  • Opportunities for work and economic self sustenance
  • Keeping what you earn and being able to save and invest and care for others.
  • Member records bureau 
  • Trading in real money
  • No more fear of reprisals for ‘victimless crimes against the state
  • A community to support you in teaching your children Godly, family values
  • Getting rid of your ‘Deed’ and replacing it with true ‘allodial’ land ownership. 
  • A system of equity to resolve disputes quickly and effectively without the need of any costly professionals, scheming scoundrels or foreign agents.

God designed this way of living for us and we have turned our backs on him.  The result is that  we have also turned our backs on the happiness he had planned for us.  We now sit in the pot of stew we have made for ourselves.  How comfortable is it?   How happy are we? 

Isn’t it time we turned back to HIM, knowing that ‘All things work to the good of those who love  and serve the Lord?” 

With God all things are possible. This effort isn’t happening on a whim or by accident.  Take heed and put your skepticism aside.  Start thinking about the possibilities that exist with God. 

Start living the life of love and power that he has in store for you if you just be obedient to HIS word. 

Study the Ecclesia and understand it well using the links below. 

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Many blessings!