What lies ahead for this world is more than frightful. People need to open their eyes and their hearts to the messages Jesus has for us in order to be prepared for victory and escape from the dark side. Victory comes at a cost. It is time for Christians to be engaged in the battle. It is also time for non-believers to search for the truth and jump in the lifeboat. There is only one lifeboat available for salvation. Jump in while you have the chance. To ignore this message and others like it is to ensure your enslavement and ultimate perdition to which there is no escape even in death! This message is a ‘Call to Action’ which provides HOPE in the face of evil and suffering. Share this message far and wide with everyone you know and have them do the same.

The message builds to a crescendo so don’t cut yourself short by leaving early. See it to the end. Click Here for the path out of desperation.

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