Hope can be difficult to find when we are surrounded and beset by a dark world which knocks us down at every turn. In a world where nothing seems reliable anymore and the planks upon which we’ve built our lives are crumbling, such as; our business, employment, finances, relationships, institutions, churches and even family seem to have abandoned us, it’s easy to want to just give up. There seems to be no future if there is no joy or hope left in us. So then what’s the purpose of life? Why try anymore?

This is an important if not ‘critical’ message for us all. We’ve all been at a low point in life, perhaps more than once. Today we discuss where we find hope, why we find hope and how we strengthen our hope which gives us more energy for today as we work for the future. Our future is the direct result of the energy we apply today. Thus, we need the energy for today and thus we need this message. We have good news. Enjoy!

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