Today’s session came in two parts.

Part One explored the question: ‘What is the Ecclesia?’ The word itself is derived from the Greek meaning of ‘The ones called out’. This relates directly to the WMC theme of providing the knowledge and means of ‘Coming Out of Babylon’ and what it means to be an ‘Ecclesiastical Society’. For those who are curious about ‘status change’ this is the ultimate study on that issue. In this session, we’ve only just begun. Stay tuned for more!

In Part Two we delved into some very deep spiritual issues. Among those was to understand how God is one with the Christ spirit and the Christ spirit is one with us making us ‘one with God’. When God the father in heaven created all things out of love, then his love is in all things and if he is in us and we are in HIM then we are united in and with all things by the Love of God. This audio lesson we heard is one of the most profound spiritual teachings that one might ever hope for. Have you ever wondered about the meaning of ‘I am that I am’? After this session you will understand. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this.

Our entire service is found at this link

The Playlist on YouTube for the entire series ‘Diving Healing of Mind and Body’ is found here.