There has been much talk, speculation and conjecture about the ‘mark of the beast’ as described in the book of Revelations and what form it will take. Today we resolve all of that once and for all. WHATEVER YOU DO…DO NOT TAKE THE VACCINATION! Whatever the penalty, whatever the price, whatever the sacrifice…


…under ANY circumstances! It will change you irreversibly forever! In this Sabbath Service we share exactly why this is so important. This message is critically important to your life and to your eternity. Today’s message is not based on ‘religion’. It is not based on ‘conspiracy theories’. It is not based on ‘Hyperbole’ or ‘Fear Mongering’. It is based on science and proven technology which matches and supports spiritual revelations in many forms. Scoffers do so at their own peril.

Watch it.

Pray on it.

Do your own research, then….

Share it with everyone you know. You may be responsible for saving someone’s soul (or losing it due to apathy!).

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