March 28, 2020

This worship service was historical for two reasons;

1) it was the first ever worship service for the WMC.

2) the primary message was delivered by Pastor Rodney Harold Browne of River Church in Tampa Florida and this gathering was the result of him choosing to honor God’s law and serve God’s people which was in opposition to orders from the local authorities that churches could not have gatherings of more than 10 people.  Pastor Browne delivered an eye opening presentation on the true motives and origins behind the Covid-19 virus and how it was planned by the Rockefeller Foundation many years ago in a published paper.  His message  was in essence that Christians need to obey God when civil law is in conflict with it.  He was later arrested for his ‘crime’ of having a church celebration and he is now a national and international lightning rod of attention as he will go to court to defend his rights to ‘lawfully assemble’, hold church have free speech and live according to his firmly held beliefs.  Isn’t it ironic that this entire event unfolded on the very day that WMC launches it’s worship services wherein what pastor Browne is standing up for is the exact theme which WMC represents?  Do you think it’s a coincidence or something else?   Hmmm.   Watch this worship service and share the joy and enlightenment which comes with it.

Note:  for some reason the beautiful music in the beginning did not record well.  It came and went in waves.  If you choose not to listen you can fast forward to the 5 minute mark to the start of the service.  Here is a link to the mystical Gregorian chants we played which are ideal for you to pray and meditate with.


Topic: World Mission Church
Start Time : Mar 28, 2020 08:42 AM

Meeting Recording: