Again,  the initial music did not record well.  Fast forward to the 8 minute mark to begin the service.  Henceforth I’ll either dub the music in with an edit or dispense with it altogether.  Here’s the link to our beautiful music which is perfect to play when you can lock yourself alone in a room close your eyes and commune with God and heaven in prayer and meditation.  Enjoy!

We started the service with a bible study of what it means to stand fast in our faith and ‘persevere’ in this life to get to the next.  We live in the times when Christians are being vilified and persecuted and sadly, many if not most Christians are not prepared to stand fast and hold their ground with the Word as their pillar and foundation.   We then heard from a pastor ‘Bob’ who gave a well deserved verbal spanking to the lukewarm ‘so-called’ christians who quickly abandon God’s word in the face of ‘civil’ authority.  This presentation is ‘Epic’ and we all need to hear it.

Topic: World Mission Church
Start Time : Apr 4, 2020 08:45 AM

Meeting Recording: