This message from Jesus is a stern warning to false preachers and blind followers.  Man’s churches are filled with paganism, false teachings and abominations to God and he’s had enough!

Here’s how to test your local church;

  1. Is it formed as a ‘corporate entity’ which is a creature of, and exists by the grace and virtue of ‘the state’?
  2. Is it an IRS designated 501(c)3 tax exempt church which mandates that in order to maintain this financially favored status (serving mammon not God) that it not get involved in political issues (i.e. the church is effectively neutered from being an effective and influential  social force)?
  3. Is the church filled with ‘graven images’?
  4. Does the pastor avoid talking about the sin of homosexuality which is an abomination to God?
  5. Does the pastor avoid talking about the horrors of abortion and doing anything to mobilize his church with an outreach program to assist pregnant single mothers?
  6. Does the church put up a nicely adorned Christmas tree for the holidays?
  7. Does the pastor live the lifestyle of a rock star with expensive homes, cars and jet planes or does he follow the model of something more akin to Mother Theresa, reaching out and channeling resources to the poor?
  8. Does the pastor spend more time tickling ears by preaching about prosperity and ‘name it and claim it’?   Or does he spend more time talking about the dangers and horrors of living eternity without God (i.e. ‘Hell’) and trying to save souls from eternal damnation?
  9. Is the pastor homosexual?
  10. Is the church ‘tolerant’ or even ‘approving’ of the LGBT lifestyle?

If you have checked ‘yes’ to any one or more of the above, your church has a VERY SERIOUS PROBLEM which cannot be ignored.

Your pastor needs to SEE THIS VIDEO…and now!