Worship Service – Saturday April 11, 2020

This was a fantastic service! We reviewed: ‘What is the Ecclesia?’ This lays the groundwork for a very special message from Pastor Tim Sheets who shared a prophetic message he received over a year ago about the ‘shaking’ of the world which is going on today. This is the backdrop for the rise of the Ecclesia. With the newfound power and responsibility we now have the opportunity to thrust a new global revival forward. Our prayers and decrees are setting the enemy back. This message is very pertinent to all of us and particularly THE WORLD MISSION CHURCH!

We wound up the service with a very special presentation of Olivier Latry playing the immense organ at the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris (prior to the fire of course) and you won’t want to miss this moving presentation reflecting the magnificence and beauty of music and art. It was truly powerful and uplifting. If you didn’t see the visual of this presentation when we were live, you’ll have it here in the final 12 minutes. You also have some wonderful meditation music for the first five minutes of the recording. Take advantage of it to elevate your spirit and commune with heaven before the service starts.

To revisit this special event, Click Here for the recording

For more of this meditation music: https://youtu.be/qA4XX15xatk