This was our worship service April 18th, 2020. Our recorded video file was corrupted and we’re not able to post it. However, we can deliver the content anyway if you follow the segments below.

Prior to the service we had a meditation and private prayer session with this Gregorian Chant music.

1. After opening prayer and announcements we did a study of scripture on the theme of ‘Coming Out of Babylon’, what it means, what scripture says about it and how it applies in our lives today. This was a very thorough and delightful video presentation with images and music set to the study. See it and click here. 12 minutes.

2. We then discussed the pre-requisites of gaining God’s favor, blessings and miracles which are; Repentance and Obedience. We need to repent of our own sins AND the sins of our nation as God has lifted his hand of protection over the USA, which has always been there until now because as a nation we’ve turned our back on HIM with our laws, traditions and practices. We prayed Psalm 51 together.

3. Having repented for our personal and national sins we saw a powerful message on what happens when we ‘Fast and Pray’. You don’t want to miss this! Click here for the video

4. In the final segment of the service we saw and heard the complete presentation called ‘BACH TO THE FUTURE’ by Olivier Latry an organist playing in the Notre Dame de Paris cathedral. Very impressive! You’ll enjoy it!
When you need to be lifted up in art, music and beauty, Click Here

We ended with a prayer and an invitation to everyone to come back next week and bring a friend! .