Today we live in turbulent times. The world is becoming an ugly seemingly Godless place to be. Hatred, corruption, self interest, lawlessness, violence and abominations are abounding in all corners without much resistance. In today’s service, we strive to understand what it means, how this is all part of God’s plan and where, why and how we can find joy and strength to not only survive these attacks on decency and common sense, but also to stand strong and be a beacon of light and hope as the seas of senselessness buffet our ship. You will be touched by the Holy Spirit as the power of this hope and promise enters your heart and fills your spirit. Don’t miss this important message and powerful service.

Topic: World Mission Church Worship Service
Date: Jun 20, 2020 08:44 AM Central Time (US and Canada)

Note: the first 00:2:45 is meditation music. The service starts here.

Meeting Recording: