This is probably the most important question one must sincerely ask of themselves. And this message is undoubtedly the most important message you will ever receive. In this worship service we investigate this serious question and let you come up with your own answers. This message is not pretty. It’s not uplifting and in fact it’s quite ugly and you will be very uncomfortable watching it. But watch it to the end, you must! Many people are deceived by false doctrine, misled by incorrect beliefs, unduly influenced by ‘the world’ and are headed down the wrong path. It is VERY URGENT that you take in this message as unseemly as it is, and that you share it with everyone you care about, and even those you don’t care about. This is serious.

The full service replay with written transcript is found here. Click the magnifying glass in upper right corner for searchable text. (new feature!)

The link to the video presentation only is found here.

Please share this blog post fervently! Many Souls are at stake and YOU can lead them to Jesus who will save them!