The image above depicts the Christian flag flying above the American flag which symbolizes the primary theme of our message on this the 19th of September which was to reinforce the mandate that we must serve God before just automatically bowing down to the whims of man. Modern society has become so corrupt and perverse that much of what we see in government and societal behavior and norms that we must use discernment to determine what is of God and what is not. When we determine that God’s law is being violated by the demands of man’s law we have to choose.

When we choose to follow God’s law instead of man’s law we must be prepared to accept the consequences and possible persecution. Yet when we are, we fear not because the Holy Spirit is with us as promised in Mark 13.

We must prepare ourselves mentally, spiritually and physically with the understanding that ‘this life’ is not the prize we seek. We seek what Jesus died for, the gift of eternal salvation and eternity in heaven with him. That is the prize we seek and we must be prepared to sacrifice this life in order to win the true prize!

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