This session is a serious wake-up call to lukewarm Christians who are ‘christians in name only’. This lesson will make you feel uncomfortable because it reveals truths that few want to talk about or recognize. It reveals how most of us are not living the life that God wishes. We are living a ‘comfortable’ life according to the ways of the world. We are not living a Holy life in obedience to God. Thus we are taking the broad way to perdition. Not everyone who calls ‘Lord Lord!’ will enter through the narrow Gate.

Your friends in this world will tell you what you want to hear to make you feel good. A friend who truly loves you will tell you the scathing and uncomfortable truths to see that you get back on the narrow path to eternity in heaven. That’s what this message is all about.

We bring you this message because we share God’s love for you and we want to see you empowered with the HOLY SPIRIT, taking the correct path so that you can enter the narrow gate and spend eternity together with the saints in eternal peace and bliss in the presence of Jesus himself!

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