John MacArthur of Grace Community Church defied government orders to close his church and stop services. He stood up, continued doing what was right and he took the matter into court against THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA and won. In this sermon he clearly explains Romans 13 just as we have in the past in our article here on the home page.

He goes on to review many of the instances in which the government is creating a culture of evil which celebrates and protects evil while allowing the righteous to be persecuted for not falling in line with the ‘new culture’. This situation is an abomination to God. The government has prostituted itself against the purposes of a Godly ordained government and it is now our duty to stand for righteousness. This involves civil disobedience. The examples of just this type of situation are many in the bible and Pastor MacArthur gives clear references to show that this has been a problem throughout history.

Romans 13 is often misquoted and used to browbeat people who do not submit to the state. The misused quote is: ‘We must submit to authorities for they are ordained of God.” The verse does say that. But used alone is entirely out of context and incomplete, thus it loses the intended meaning.

Pastor MacArthur clearly lays out the facts and explains that: based on public knowledge, facts and scripture, Government is now the greatest threat to this country and more specifically to believers. This is fundamental understanding that all believers (and non-believers) must have to clearly interpret what we see happening around us now every day. Don’t miss this important message!

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