This service touched on some serious nerves! We started out discussing the progress of one of our members who is following a path to reach into and tap his bond accounts in the U.S. Treasury which many of us are aware of. That was not a scheduled topic but intensely interesting nonetheless.

The primary topic of this service was on the DNA issue. You know that the Mrna “vaccines” are geared to modify your DNA. If you’re not familiar with that theme, click here.

When you watch the video we shared in this session you’ll understand exactly why your DNA is so important and why Satan wants to alter it with the ‘so called’ vaccines which aren’t vaccines at all and are being pushed on the unsuspecting public in direct violation of the Nurembourg code which prohibits chemical experimentation on humans without full disclosure and agreement.

This session cannot be missed or overlooked if you want to stay abreast of this critical topic.

Here is a replay of the session. Click Here.