Jesus has taught us many things in the bible. Much of it was in parables and allegories so as to confound the pharisees who were the authorities of the time. This is much like how many YouTubers today are having to talk in code now so they don’t get censored!.

Then, Many of his teachings were couched in simplistic terms and within the context of the culture of the time so as to be readily understood and accepted by the masses.

In other words, what we are taught in the bible is often a ‘sanitized version’ of the actual message meant to be delivered.

This presentation on ‘Unknown Powers’ peels back those covering layers of verbal insulation and reveals so much which is so deep and so profound you’ll never absorb it all in one sitting.

“Miracles are the inevitable result of some ordinary power which is unknown to you.”

For example, in this teaching we are shown how miracles are NOT some mystical event that happen from a just and loving God who is apart from us off in the heavenly realms. To the contrary, miracles happen as a result of a higher form of awareness and communication via frequencies which exist in both the physical and the ethereal realms and are available to all of us as we elevate our awareness.

This lesson is so profound and so deep it will expand your awareness by 100 fold at a very minimum. The lesson explains why and how ‘Prayer’ is so powerful. Being so powerful, you’ll appreciate why it is so important.

Bottom line, this understanding of what we have always thought of as being ‘mystical’, ‘divine’ and/or from the spiritual realm adds a new dimension to that understanding and brings all of that down into something that can be broken down into physical ‘science’ which is absolutely amazing.

You’ll understand better when you listen. Be sure to take notes, because you’ll be wanting to go back and review this again and again to fully digest what’s being said here.

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The text transcript is below;

The mighty powers of light, which is never seen, tones never heard by human ear.
Electricity never felt by the body. The cosmic rays, which have power to pass through 20 feet of solid lead. Now conceived at vibration, similar to thought. When you know the nature of any power, the result of its use are never mysterious to you. Yet, miracles are wraught. And there are mysteries. It is always the unknown powers, which are mysterious to you.

And as such powers, which work, which you call miracles yet, a miracle is nothing but the inevitable result of the ordinary operation of some power, which is unknown to you at the time, the miracle is wraught so long as the power is unknown to you. Its operation is mysterious and you call the result a miracle. But as soon as you know its nature, you no longer call the result a miracle because the power that produces it is no longer mysterious. Miracles can be wraught by you. When you learn to use the powers, which are now unknown to you, there are still many unknown powers of sound and of mind line of law, electricity of life of cosmic rays and a spirit of each of them works miracles.

There are many other powers still unknown to you and many powers, not yet known to any mind on earth, but for clarity of the revelation I wish to make to now let us confine our study to the unknown powers of eight energies sound and mind, light and love, electricity and light, cosmic rays and spirit. These eight are enough to illustrate the highest laws of unknown power.

Let us start first with a mere hint to some of the unknown powers of sound mind. You already know a sound, one has power to vibrate through air and metals and minerals of crusade. Beautiful overtone of sound in the wooden sounding board of the piano sound is, but one vibratory power. There are also unknown powers of electricity, light x-rays and cosmic rays and each other unknown powers work.

Which we call miracles There are also known powers of the soul, different from mind and so much mightier than mine. The thoughts we hold team and significant. I digress a moment to explain our use of terms so that you are more clearly understand. Certainly our term soul is not satisfactory to any thinkers or scientists, but it is the best word we can use to designate the inner you, which includes all powers of mind, love life and spirit. And the terms of mind and spirit are no more satisfactory than some of the terms physicists use such as light waves, ether generator, each of which is ridiculous.

As a defining term, we can not use the word mind to designate what do we mean by soul? Because mine is only one of the powers of the soul.

Love also cannot be used to send them for soul for also is, but one of the soul’s powers. So until we coin a more defining word, we are forced to use the term soul for the total inner you. In comparing radiant energies with powers of mind or spirit. I do not even hand that they are similar or identical. I make comparisons only to give you basis of recognizing the relative increasing powers of mind, love life and spirit. You know, a physical power such as the power exerted by a bullet and its flight or of a blow of a hammer or of a baseball thrown from a pitcher’s hand. These powers are due to masses of matter and motion and therefore movement. Our speed is very slow. Sound is different. It is due to tiny particles of matter and motion compared to other vibratory powers.

It is also very slow in it’s forward movement. At ordinary temperature sound moves forward only 1,130 feet a second, like moreover speeds, forge tens of thousands of miles a second movement of masses of matter or of tiny particles of matter are examples of the slowest moving powers. Light, which moves 186 miles a second is an example of the more speedy, radiant energies. In writing of right vibrations.

In this book that I refer either to speed forward or to frequency of the vibration just as there are different rates of motion of physical power and radiant energies, So also in the realm of soul, there are slow and rapidly moving powers. Mind is the slowest of all the soul powers. That is the other powers of the soul are much more rapid of higher frequency and vastly more powerful than mind. In discussing unknown powers.

I compare mind with sound, but please understand that I do not mean that they are identical. I compare them only because sound is the slowest vibration of matter. And mind is the slowest vibration of the soul. They are alike only in that each is the slowest in its respective realm. The power of sound heard by the keenest human ear vibrates from two to perhaps 26,000 times a second.

But the unknown powers of sound range from 30,000 to more than 500,000 vibrations a second, all these higher sounds are unknown to your ear. Although some of them are known to many animals. For instance, the endings of a hearing nerve with a bat located under its wings are so much more highly developed in the nerves of the human ear that the bat guided by its hearing can fly about and the darkness without bumping into anything in its path.

If you string a hundred fine wires in a completely dark room here and there and everywhere in all directions. And then if you seal a bat’s eyelid with wax that bat will still be able to fly by for hours in the pitch darkness of the room without bumping into even one wire, how does a bat do that? in its flight in the dark, the bat sings, a little song of its own. And all of the tones of the bats song are so high that they are silent to your ear. Yet. They make the wires in the room, vibrate sympathetically. Then the nerve endings of hearing on the inside of the wings catch these echo sound from the wire, thus the bat knows the direction from which the echos come.

And hence he knows where the wires are and can avoid them. I repeat that all of the results, which we call miracles and all the process, which you call mysteries are, but the ordinary operation of the powers, which are still unknown to us as the bats here in is twice as keen as out of the human ear. So the hearing of the end is 10 times keener than that of the bat.

Some ants can hear sounds with vibrate A half a millions times a second as there are unknown powers of sound, which are more powerful in the power of sound, which you do know. So also there are powers of the soul vastly more powerful than the thought powers of mind, which you now know powers, which you can learn to know and to use the unknown powers of energy and more rapid than known powers that is increase of speed or frequency of vibration increases power.

In some lines, we call such an increase, a pickup or a step up light is a power higher than sound. Just as love as a soul power higher than mind. In illustrating increase of power, I use light as an example, the second increase of radiant energies just as love is the second increase of solar power. There are unknown powers of each.

There are unknown powers of light. Red is the slowest light vibration perceived by the human eye. And violet is the most rapid, but there are unknown powers of all lights slower than red, which you cannot see. We call them infrared rays. We can not take pictures in the dark with these rays. Then on the other hand, there is the vast field of ultraviolet light vibrations higher than the violet and beyond the ultraviolet

There is another great field of light power. Most of them not at present. We know that the ultraviolet can remedy many of our diseases and make plants grow three or four times as rapidly as they ordinarily grow. And that other radiant rays could change some male animals to female and female to male, and yet man’s mind has not yet dreamed that the miracles which may be wraught by the library, beyond the ultra violet, how little we know. In the realm of light, we see only from the reds to the violets from 400 to 700 trillion vibrations a second and beyond the violet, our unseen colors of which we now know very little.

And we do not yet know what miracle working powers does it possess as a speed of light is greater than that of sound.

So love is the sole power of higher frequency than out of mind and life energy as they still higher frequency and spirit is infinitely higher than any of the others. Love is of itself with power of the soul, just as mind is a soul power, but love is different from mind and mightier than mind. Each power produces after its own kind. That is why thinking always produces thought since mind is so slow, it cannot produce the much higher powers, which we call love or life. That is why mind could produce only thoughts about love or thoughts of life or thoughts of spirit. The law is absolute mind, produces mind, love, produces love. Life, produces life, the powers of your laws and emotions, which you know, can make you happy. One moment and depressed the next joyous today and the dumps tomorrow.

And most of the known power of emotion can change even the chemical condition of every tissue of your body or make you feel well or sick, exhausted, or vibrantly vital. The unknown powers of love are however, as much greater than its known power as the unknown powers of light are greater than its known power. Just as love draws individuals together in harmony. So love can create peace among the cells of your body.
A score of diseases can be healed by love alone for often all of it as needed in case of some ills of the body is harmonious cooperation of the cells. And as love can harmonize individuals to live together, happily in Concorde So also love can harmonize your soul with the higher spiritual powers, whether they are near to you or thousands of miles away.

It is rather ridiculous to recognize that light rays could travel through billions of miles of space. And then stupidly think that love is limited to radiating only a few feet from you love has power to reach to millions of miles of space. Even from start to star, miracles are wrought by such unknown powers of love. And even the mere subconscious desire of love can work miracles.

The third step in power can be illustrated by electricity in the realm of ready and energy and by life in the realm of solar power. Again, I repeat that it is the increase or pick up or step up of vibrations, which gives increased power. Such an increase can change a detrimental power to beneficial power, even change of power of death. To one of life.

Mysterious miracles are arrived by such unknown powers of electricity. When a transformer picks up the 110 volt current used in your home and increases it, it burns out your light bulbs. And if the current passes through your body, it twists and agonizingly tortures and kills your body. Now it comes to miracles higher than this vibration, which causes death. There is a great field of still higher unknown electric powers.
When you greatly pick the deadly voltage, which destroys your body, it will not harm your body at all. In fact, if it is passed through your body, it acts as a magnificent power, perhaps a rejuvenating power. What we know of electricity is but a vague prophecy of what we shall know, the miracles we name work in the body by use of its unknown powers.

We do not yet know. Perhaps we shall someday use this power, completely transformed and rejuvenate the body of man. Now note the similarity as with the pickup of electric vibration So with the increased vibration rate of life or sex power at a lower rate, it exhausts and destroys just as the lower electric current does, but at a higher rate life rejuvenates and transforms.

And this is true not only of life or sex vibration, but of the rate of activity of the body, the greater the rate of activity, the nearer the approach to rejuvenation in the past, we have often mistakenly thought that the life power of the soul is the same as the soul’s mind power, but life is different from mind. That is even more rapid than not of love.

The ancients recognized it as the unifying power of God, the power, which unites atoms cells and all other energies, multiplying their power and pushing them outward in the manifestation. And since these unknown powers are of different speeds and frequencies of vibration, one can not be substituted for another. Remember the great law, each thing or power produces after own kind, only life produces life.

A thought of life produces nothing, but I thought of life, the miracles we shall bring forth when we learn to use his higher life, part of the soul, a power of the soul higher than mind and higher than love have not yet been dreamed of by the conscious of man. Then also in the realm of radiant energies that are the x-ray powers and the powers of radium emanations so far transcending the power of sound,electricity and light that no comparison can be made. Light, cannot penetrate substances, which x-rays and radium radiations pass through with ease. These higher rays are so powerful that according to their speed or their frequency vibration, they can be deadly or rejuvenated, transforming, and beyond all known powers of x-rays and radium radiation.

There are vast unknown power rounds of other radiant energies and highest of all of the cosmic rays,
these ultra high radiant energies we can use to illustrate the fourth and highest increase of all known energies just as spirit is the highest power of the soul. We know that spirit differs from mind, perhaps its frequency is a thousand times more rapid. It also differs from love and from life power.

Spirit is the highest power of God and of the soul. And of all great miracles are wraught, not by Might, not by power, but by my spirit sayeth the Lord of hosts, I do not hesitate to use the word miracle for scientific as well as spiritual miracles are wraught today, as I’ve already told you, the song of a quartz crystal could sterilize milk and stimulate male as to intense activity without increasing fatigue. These are miracles of the silent songs of a crystal stone, and there are radiant energies which can make plants grow with extra ordinary rapidity to astounding size and multiply cell growth.

So that the increase is comparable to the increase of which we are told on the story of the loaves and fishes. We have new knowledge of cosmic rays from the investigation of Dr. Compton of the university of Chicago and Dr. Millican of the Chicago Institute of technology.

And while research was being carried out, delving into the unknown power of cosmic rays, other scientists have carried on work attempting to discover the vibratory frequencies of the rays of powers of the soul valuable research work has been done in this line by a Japanese scientist. Shiro Teshiro who formally conducted his experimental work at the university of Chicago. Other important work on the same line has been done by professor Henri at the Sorbonne in Paris.

He thinks that he has mathematically determined the vibratory frequency of some of the solar rays, as exactly as Milliken, has determined the vibratory frequency of cosmic rays. It is reported that recently the finding of Dr. Henri, were re-tested at the Rush Medical College or the University of Chicago, but no information on this is allowed to reach the public.

One was an astonishing discovery. A similarity seemed to have been revealed by these lines of research. The vibratory frequency of cosmic rays seems to parallel the vibratory frequency of certain powers of the soul. When the spirit of the soul is lifted up by a great desire. Dr. Millikan believes that cosmic rays might be the energy at which atoms are made that cosmic emanations are the birth cries of creation.

Other scientists believe that all things are created out of the desired urge of cosmic rays. This may parallel our ideal that our of the urge of spiritual desire all things are made. This brings us to the great desiring power of spirit, just as every atom of the universe seems to be made of cosmic rays because of an urgent desire to radiate itself. So it seems that the creation of all man’s wants is brought into existence by his urgent desire to manifest his soul.

Before continuing let us summarize. I have emphasized two groups of four grand realms of power. First, the unknown power of sound, which the power of mind may be compared because of its slowness. Second, the unknown ultraviolet realm of light and the unknown power of love. Third, the unknown powers, electricity and the unknown powers of life, both destructive when slowed down and both transforming when increased activity and fourth the great realm of radium, emanation of cosmic rays, and the other hand that the spiritual power of the soul and the other, including the soul’s power desire, which turns all thoughts of mind and longings of love and impulses of life, energies, and spirit into actuality.

With newer understanding of these, we are beginning to glimpse the greater spiritual truth, which Jesus taught. It is a use of three of these powers, love life and spirit each greater than thought, which makes it possible for man to work Miracles of actuality.

Spirit is the highest power of the soul and desire is the Supreme activating power of spirit. No matter how much your mind thinks of what you want or how greatly you love, what you desire or how intensely your life power wants to create it,the long-form result will remain formless and void until the desire of your soul becomes so strong that it moves the center of heaven within you to turn all powers of your soul into activity, to produce actuality.

Each power of the soul is activated by the desire of spirit and produces only after its own kind, mind idealizes what you want. It gives you the vision you desire. It can guide you in all your efforts towards what you want, love harmonizes, your attitude with that of God. And with other souls. It also harmonizes chemical with chemical cell, with cell, even in the body and gives added power by decreasing the friction of effort, whether between Atoms or human beings or stars, life impels union of all your soul’s power to obtain or attain what you want.

It also impels cells of your body to unite with one another, to create new and useful tissues and structures. Spirit inspires. It is the infinitely increasing energy. Its desire moves your soul limitlessly to increase its activity, to produce what you want in actuality . In the realm of physics there are four great groups of vibrating energies. One sound, two light, three electricity and four a higher emanations of the cosmic rays.

So also in the spiritual realm, there are four great powers of the soul. Mind, love life and spirit. With our first modern awakening, about a hundred years ago, we mistakenly thought all these soul powers were nothing more than mind powers. That was and still is of greatest mistake is assuming that light and electricity are nothing more than mere sound, but since sound vibration is so slow it travels,
only 1,160 feet, a second, and light’s. So rapid that its vibrations travel almost 186,000 miles per second. It is evident that they are different. So also mind differs from love. Love differs from life. Life differs from spirit. Moreover, each one, according to the most basic law of God produces only after its own time in all practical things.

We are not so silly that we attempt to substitute one power for another. When you enter your room at night, you’re not trying to light the room by switching on your radio. Moreover, you are not at all satisfied with the results if you press the button to turn on the electric light and it produces great crashes of sound. So also on all personal material and spiritual attainments, you will fail whenever you try to substitute one soul power for another, and you will reach illumined heights of what you could not have yet dreamed. As soon as you attain the greater wisdom, which knows that although all powers of the soul come from the one great source, they are so different in manifestation that each produces only after its own kind.

In some of our efforts, as well as our teaching, we have been rather stupid and insisting on holding the first great illumination that came to mind’s consciousness. That is the power of mind, and then refusing to advance to higher illumination. For this reason many of you have failed to attain even one thousandth of, of part of what you might’ve attained. If you had gone on from one illumination to another, onto the fuller infinite wisdom, perhaps I can make this clear for you by referring to the steps over advancing knowledge of the food.

Our first scientific knowledge of foods began about a hundred years ago with a better understanding of the value of our crude foods, sugars, starch, protein and fat. Later, we discovered much more important food factors, minerals. Still later, we discovered vitamins. Now we have discovered foods of almost limitless energy, mysterious powers. The catalytic foods, such as the cholesterol is chlorophyl licensed and an oxidant. You have many years after the recognition of food factors. So the first group sugars, starches proteins, and fat, some food scientists were still fixed in the belief that the one greater advance in knowledge of foods was the all-important knowledge so that they absolutely refuse to recognize even the possibility of the presence of such factors as vitamins.

So also some leaders in this new spiritual awakening of the last century have been just as fixed and refusing to advance. They experienced such great illumination, becoming conscious of the power of mind that they held to that one ideal only and some of them still do, nevertheless, it is as ridiculous to assume that love and life and spirit, are mind as it is to assume that the minerals and food are nothing but sugars or that the vitamins are nothing more than starches.

Another great new truth that we learned in the science of food. In addition to the fact that each group of food factors do differ from those of every other group, is that each should be used according to its own nature, to produce a definite result after its own kind. Food scientists today are not so stupid as to think that when you need vitamin a, you can substitute starch and that when you need less anti- oxidants,
you can substitute sugar just as some of the early food scientists at first refused to recognize the newly discovered knowledge of vitamin foods. So I’ll say many teachers of truth have refused to recognize anything more than the first grade illumination of this particular century and many still insist on assuming that all the powers of the soul, are mind powers, but the higher illuminators recognize that there are four soul powers, mind power, love power, life power, and spirit power. And that each should be used according to its own nature, to produce results after its own kind. That is the reason why in these later years, I have given so much time trying to make clear to others, the higher wisdom of the infinite, the wisdom that knows that powers differ and that each should be used to produce results after its own kind.

Often, man, blindly overlooks the value of truth that are so clearly revealed that they have stared them in the face for tens of centuries. Many people have spent much time trying to interpret the story of creation is given in the Bible. They write at the seven days of creation of Adam and Eve and of the tree of good and evil. And they forget that the most important truth in that account of creation is the basic spiritual law that each thing in power is created to produce after its own kind.

The story of creation is even interpreted three times to reemphasize the truth so that man will recognize that it is what the infinite is trying to tell you in the story of creation, since each power produces after its own kind, holding a thought of love, produces only thoughts of love and holding a thought of life produces after its own kind And hence, produces only thoughts about the life you desire.

One of the saddest things in the lives of thousands who have come to me for help is a fact that they have earnestly and prayerfully used thought alone, hoping to attain spiritual illumination and then fail to reach the height of real illumination and intimate communion with all infinite powers. Many such souls have consequently used the powers of mind, meditation, mind, power, concentration, and idealization. And yet they are still lacking that inspiring power spirit, which annuls fatigue and keeps the body overflowing with energy every hour of the day and night, giving man the power to live, even as angels live.

Our present awakening to the unknown powers, not only the universe, but also the soul is making it possible for man to free himself from these disappointing efforts and quickly to attain the spiritual responsiveness of the body, which opens away easily as lilies grow to infinitely expanding love to rejuvenate in life and to inspire him and inspired spirit, which lifts one up near unto God in itself. The key to all true growth is to make the body so responsive to spirit that spirit can manifest it through it easily and freely with the newer understanding that each soul power produces only after its own kind and that each newly revealed power of the soul is greater than its past known power and that they reach their climax in the power of spiritual desire.

We can understand Jesus’s teaching of the use of the desiring power of the soul, which lies deep down underneath all thought in love in life. Jesus’s teaching is definite. First. Jesus does not emphasize the power of the mind. He seems to be so desirous of leading men onto the higher powers that he almost deprecates the powers of mind. He even urges us not to use thought over much.
Take no anxious thought for tomorrow. What can man add to his stature by taking thought? Second, Jesus strongly emphasizes love as the harmonizing power necessary for all attainment. A new commandment I give unto you: love the Lord thy God with all thy heart. Love thy neighbor as thyself. Love one another as I’ve loved you. Third, Jesus teaches life as the way of attainment.

I am the way and the life. I am the bread of life. I am come that you shall have life more abundantly. The word which is translated life in these phrases is significant. There are four different Greek words in the new Testament, which are translated life. But the one which Jesus used in these statements means increasingly increasing activity Fourth: Jesus emphasized that God is spirit.

Spirit is the inspiring and inspiring and uplifting part of the soul in power lawn. My mind is like under the crawl of a snail compared to spirit, which is like under the flight of the Eagle. Hence Jesus’s teaching. Take no thought of the Morrow. God is spirit, worship, spirit in spirit.

Then lastly, for your highest attainment, Jesus teaches that desire of the spirit is the means of attainment. Jesus never states that you shall receive whatever you hold in thought. His teaching is this, what things soever you desire you shall have. In this one statement we have the beginning and the end of his teaching of the manifestation of all you want desire is the beginning of what the soul wants. Possession that is you shall have is the end desire.

Jesus even elaborated the method of using desire. If two of you shall agree on, or if there’s touching anything they shall ask or desire, it shall be done for them. The Greek word, which is translated, ask in this verse is AITEO A I T E O, and it means to desire with all the hungering and longing of the soul. in Mark 15:43, it is even translated ‘crave.’

And lastly, Jesus teaches the use of these powers by activation. He teaches us to seek first, the kingdom of God, heaven on earth, here now within us, the Greek word translated heaven means infinitely expanding activity. Hence the powers of mind love life and spiritual desire must be turned into action to attain what you want.

This is more than ordinary action. It is the awakening of the power of heaven within you. The infinite expansion of the powers within you. This was practical. Each thing in each power produces after its own kind. Thinking produces thought, visualization produces visions, affirming produces, affirmations, loving produces, love spiritual, longing produces, divine desire, and such desire expands man’s logging into activity.

And action produces the actuality man wants. Since each power produces after its own kind athought of love will often fail to win the love, your heart desires and thoughts of abundance will not of themselves bring you actual abundance. Each power produces after its own kind. So of course, thoughts of abundance will produce more and more thoughts of abundance. Use the unknown soul powers,
which Jesus teaches you to use. And all things shall be added unto. You use mind to idealize what you want. Use visualization to create the idealism of what you desire. Use thought as a guide to direct your powers, but do not make the mistake of trying to substitute the slower power of mind for the higher power of love and life and spiritual desire.

Mind is the headlight and thought is the steering wheel of your soul. That looks ahead visions and illumines your path and guides you on the way. But mind is not the motive, power of the soul. And the steering wheel is not the engine of the soul, which makes it move outward to actuality. Use love as the power of the soul for only love can harmonize all the cells of the body so that it will possess perfect health.

Only love will harmonize man with man so that he will live and work agreeably enhance profitably with others to attain overflowing abundance. Only love will so harmonize a man’s life that he shall live in happiness and joy. Try no substitutes. A thought of love is no more than the thought of a dress as an actual dress. Love to produce more love, use life as the unifying power of your soul,to unite all powers and to push them out into manifestation, use spirit as the inspiring power of the soul forever inspiring power into you to sustain both soul and body. Use spirit to annul fatigue and amazingly increase the energy of mind, love and life. Then use the desire of spirit for it is the motive, power of the soul, which impels all other powers in the action.

What things soever you desire you shall have. Mind is more powerful than brawn. Love is more powerful than mind. Life is more powerful than Love and Spirit is a thousand fold yea, desire of spirit is a million times more powerful than all other soul powers. Spiritual desire is the alpha and omega and the use of soul power. It arises from underneath thought to the very Zenith of spiritual power.

It is these powers taught by Jesus and so little recognized through the centuries that I’m trying to lead you to awaken and use today so that you shall no longer merely pray for and affirm what you want. And often fail to obtain it. Please stop thinking so much. It slows down and hinders expression of spirit. Every worry in the world is caused by some thought about your emotions.

Every anxiety in the world is caused by some thought about conditions of people. Every fear in the world is caused by some thought of what others may do or how conditions may affect you or what you should do or should not do, or what you think you can do or cannot do. Why struggle so when miracles are wrought by the higher powers of the soul.

Just as the unknown powers of soul work, miracles, awakened as to tremendous activity without increased fatigue, just as the unknown powers of radiant Rays work miracles and Changing life forms and produces astounding, rapid plant growth as great a miracles that of the loaves and fishes. And just as the unknown powers of electricity transform and rejuvenate instead of destroying. So the unknown powers of love and life can work miracles for you.

And just as the unknown powers of cosmic, rays can reach the distant parts of the universe, billions of miles away, and also at the same time penetrate all substance here on earth. So also there are unknown powers spirit, which can, illuminate your path here this moment. And also at the same time, reach out unconsciously 10,000 years to the future at 10,000 years to the past, use the higher unknown powers of love to expand your soul like a sphere of energy until it unfolds to thousands of souls who long to love you so that your happiness shall be multiplied beyond the limit even of your dream.

Use the unknown powers of life to attain the greater responsiveness of body so that life will flow through your body. So freely, that itself will be impelled to unite, to form new cells, new tissues, new structures of new youthfulness and use the unknown powers of spirit to uplift consciousness in you into infinite Heights so that you shall commune and be as one with spiritual powers of earth and of stars and of all the universe of heaven. Seek ye first, the inner kingdom of these unknown powers of your soul. And they shall work Miracles for you and all other things of earth and heaven be added unto you.

End of book.

Discussion: Okay. There, did you get that?
Wow. I don’t know if you were taking notes or not, but there was enough contained in that a short message that we could probably spend the rest of our lives studying. And I don’t know about you, but speaking for myself, I’m going to have to go back and review this several times, taking notes each time and really trying to internalize this pretty fascinating, huh? Amazing. Yeah. I mean, what can you even say? What amazes me is how the things that we have perceived our entire lives as being in the spiritual realm have basically been reduced to physics, which, which brings it down to science. So what I’m understanding if I’m understanding correctly is that the work of miracles can be reduced to really scientific equations, which would unifies all of creation. It doesn’t separate the physical from the spiritual, it unifies, everything, everything comes together. Does anybody else see it that way?

Yes, I, and I also just new perspective on that one scripture fervor in prayer of the righteous available much. Yeah, it was prayer comes from both the mind, the spirit and the soul, I believe, and as such it wields great power. And so that explains why prayer is so powerful because we send this energy out into the, the universe of creation. Yeah. Another thing it made me think of it is how, like, if sometimes when we’ve been going out to minister and I feel way too tired, but when I get there and start ministering, I get revived. Totally. Because it’s like in the spirit, excuse me. Anyway. It’s, it’s so exciting. The things he was saying, and I like, you have to relisten and really listen. Yeah. He said, he said straight on that the spirit will revive you and bring, bring you a more, more youthful energy and boy sometimes.

Wow. Yeah. Yeah, absolutely amazing. Woof. So that’s a, that’s our marching orders. I think we need to go back and review this several times and really start learning to internalize it. I mean, it just, just brings forward a whole new perspective on things on so many scriptures that we know we thought we understood.

Now it brings much more meaning to that. Yeah. As I mentioned, you know, love your enemies. And Jesus says, you’ll be able to do things much more than what I have done because that power is within us. If we, if we can learn to tap into it and that God is in us, he and we are in him.
We are all one. God creates life out of love. All life is God. And we’re all connected that way. And through our love and spirit, we can have an impact on the world around us. And one thing I recall being said was that love harmonizes. It harmonizes people, harmonizes society, it even harmonizes the cells in your body. And so, so when you’re in love, you can defeat sickness. Okay. What happens to most people, they get sick and they become afraid. They have fear. And that just feeds the illness. Well, we’ve seen a lot of that happening and the animal really knows that part of it. I mean, he just drives by fear is one of his speaker’s tools.

Yeah. Fear separates you from love and faith, which are the answer and the antidote to all of the ills of the world. Right. So that’s how he separates us from the solution. Wow. I got so many, so many light bulb going on in my head. That’s like totally illumination there. Wow. It’s amazing. So other thoughts or comments?

I, I have to say, I can’t hardly say I’ve ever heard anything quite like that before. I mean maybe a little bit here and there, but wow. That was a whole lot of stuff. I don’t know much about up in a nutshell and yeah, like probably about eight, eight go throughs and I’ll have it figured out. I mean,
there was so much in there it’s like, you have to, you know, stop the recording, whatever you Can make notes. One thing I got out of it too, it’s, you know, the scripture says, let your light shine, you know, a light that is, you know, covered, can’t be hit, you know, but we have to eliminate in order for our light to shine.

Yeah. Yeah. But what’s the difference you aluminate or shine. So what you’re suggesting is that one comes before the other, in what context, how can we explain that? The fact that in order for you to, in order for you to shine, you have to eliminate there’s, there’s no illuminating and there’s no shining without illuminating what you can’t, you can’t shine without illumination.

Yeah. And like you said, you don’t get attainment simply by thinking about it. You, you really have to, and using my own words, you really have to engage. You have to move forward and, and light and love, and you have to engage your spirit in order for that illumination to occur. And when you, aluminate your engagers spirit, that’s how you achieve attainment. Wow. That’s deep man. Is it? So the good news is each of us has the power within us to really do miracles, to bring miracles upon demand. And I’ve always said that without, without understanding these things, I have come to the point of realization that when I need a miracle, I will expect the miracle anticipating that it’s already happening.

And then it happens. And I’ve had that happen in my, in my life. I’ve made commitments that I knew personally, I could not fulfill. And I said, okay, God, I’m going to do this, but I’m going to need your help to do it because you know, anyone, anyone coming out of, let’s say the Wharton school of business would say, I’m freaking stupid to do what I bought to do high-risk activity, but, but then God steps in and makes the hell helps make it happen. And I’ve had that happen. So not now I have a much greater understanding of all that. Yeah. I think once, You know, we know that we can’t do it without God. We engage him in prayer and in our thoughts and in, you know, all the different ways in which we do. And you know, sometimes just saying, I’ve got to give it over to you, God, this is beyond me. And it’s, it’s like, we move into that higher realm are instead of just being in the thought realm, we’re the activity of errors. Spirit has been activated. Yeah.

Spirit reaches out. Yeah. And, you know, expectation is part of that. Yeah. Expectation and bringing it into the realm of reality. Yeah. And the desire. Yeah. I think one of the stunning things that I got out of that speech was it allows you to allows me to think about focusing on only love, only the spiritual connection relationships with other people.

You know, all the things that we lacked throughout this last year and a half of, of a propaganda that’s been rolled over steamrolled over us, you know? Yeah. You can see clear efforts to create hatred and division, which is the exact opposite of what we need. And you know, for most people it’s working quite well. I don’t think it’s really working well for anyone, even though they may not realize that. Well, I mean the efforts to create hatred and division, there’s plenty of that going around right now. Yeah. It’s true. Yeah. So, wow. You know, one thing I always pray for is Lord teach me your, my, my teacher, my healer, my protector, my provider. Amen.

Please, please help me learn to advance in my capabilities and my effectiveness and your kingdom. And I think he took a few leaps forward in that today. Hey mark. Yeah. I put The link to the video that you just played and yeah. Linked to this guy’s website. Yeah. Good. Yeah. So you might click on those and save them.
And of course, you know, we’ll have this also up on the blog page, you know, before long. Yeah. I was wondering whether we might even get it, you know, a PDF with, with it already written out that we could make ourselves a hard copy of it. Well, I don’t know if that’s available. It’d be great if it is,
if not, I can upload this video to one of platforms which automatically provides captions tech in text. And I think, I think you can, I think there’s a function that you can get the whole thing. So let me, let me do that. Yeah. That would be good to be able to sit on and read through it. Yeah. Yeah.

So, Okay. Well let’s, let’s leave it at that. Thanks for the links, Ray, let’s just end that prayer, heavenly father, we come to you with thanks and praise for opening our minds, our hearts, our souls, to learn from you. How are we going to be more effective in this world that you have created for us?
We know that you live in us. We live in communion with you. And we just pray that we can advance every day that we have life on this earth to better understand what you have provided for us. What’s available to us and how it can be more effective in building your kingdom with those tools, that knowledge, discernment wisdom, and that we have the courage to act upon it and implement those things in this world around us for the glory of your name.

Jesus, we pray. Amen. Amen. And Amen. Amen. Thank you so much. Hey mark. Yeah.